CEO greetings

We sincerely thank all of our customers for
their interest and love of Dreamline.

Since its establishment in 1997, Dreamline has built our company through abundant experience
in the field of ICT, providing leased line and Internet line services as well as voice and
supplementary services through our nationwide Back-Bone network.

Based on this, we are now also transforming into an ICT Convergence Specialist by participating in
Smart Grid (wiring intelligence, remote meter reading) and loT.

Recently, the ICT industry has undergone major changes such as the breakdown of the
boundaries between companies. The companies that are prepared with content and services
based on the internet are creating new businesses and are emerging as a stronger market.

Based on our nationwide infrastructure and abundant experience, Dreamline will continue to
build a future-oriented portfolio following the latest IT trends.

By pursuing the goal of becoming ICT Convergence Specialists, Dreamline will stand at the center
of the beautiful world created by ICT services and the world where dreams come true.

To our customers, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for their warm support and
we are looking forward to the new changes at Dreamline that we will innitiate together with our

Co-representative director, DREAMLINE Yoo, Ji-Chang , Kim, Seong-Jung