Private leased line service

Dreamline private leased lines are 24-hour exclusive lines
and the B2B premium line service has heightened security and stability

  • What is a private
    leased line service?
  • Dreamline provides a fast and stable communication network between the two regions [End to End]
    where customers want to use a nationwide optic fiber network.
  • Why use a private
    leased line service?
  • It is necessary when you want to use a secure and stable line service to construct one network among
    customer sites.
  • Why should I use a
    Dreamline Private
    leasedline service?
  • Provide security and safety

    It is highly secure because it uses an
    exclusive connected network between
    two specific points.
    Provides the best stability by using
    underground lines along highways.

    Provide Door to Door
    one-stop service

    Install communications equipment inside
    your building.
    Provides one-stop service from startup to
    all future needs by matching the customer
    and the salesperson.

    Provide high quality service

    It is composed of 100% optical cable and
    provides high quality service.
    The fiber optic network extends along
    the shortest distance between cities
    permanently embedded in all the
    national highways.

    Operate 24-hour problem
    solving center

    24 hours a day, 365 days a year, network
    center monitors nationwide networks and
    operates a problem solving center.

    Provide national duplexing network

    It consists of a lattice network and a
    dual ring built by using highways and
    subways which connect major cities
    across the country.
    Once the duplexing network is constructed,
    it will automatically operate error-free.

    Provide a problem management
    service utilizing an A/S specialist

    With A/S specialists and a help desk
    operation, we provide cohesive problem
    registration and processing.
    After action; we provide a customer
    satisfaction call service.

  • Service
    composition map
    • PTN Carrier Ethernet

      With Ethernet leased line technology,
      by improving quality assurance (QOS),
      management (OAM), protection switching (Protection),
      provides high-speed Ethernet services
      (speedy traffic booster by using NMS without replacement of card)

    • DWDM

      Uses the highest level of proven equipment and provides interoperability
      on equipments and customized interface

    • Once the nationwide duplexing network is constructed, in case of a problem, data is automatically
      routed to another path bypassing line error.
    • The line consists of 100% fiber optic cable.
      Our networks use the best quality optic cable along the shortest distances based on the national
      highway system. (54,841Km in total)
    • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by monitoring the problem to provide high quality, reliable service.