IoT service

Dreamline provides the global standard protocol and open IoT networks that
support various services without extra infrastructure construction

  • What is Dream IoT?
    • Dream IoT is an open IoT network that provides IoT environments like global LoRaWAN base standard
      and other services.
    • Dreamline supports public and private environments providing various services by easily connecting
      the selected devices.
  • Dream IoT
    LoRa Technology
  • Device battery life of over 10 years, coverage of over 10Km
    Transfer small amounts of data with low battery consumption that fits LPWAN(Low Power Wide Area Network) technology.
    Use ADR(Adaptive Data Rate) of network server to optimize device data rate and individual RF emitting management.
    Data transfer type in accordance with service type and environment
    Selectively provides optimized data transfer type in accordance with device power supply type (battery, base power supply).
    High stability due to reinforced data security
    Provides AES-128 coded data.
    Provides reinforced Key based HSM security solution.
  • Advantages
  • Geolocation – Gateway device location tracking system
    Dreamline Gateway can track the location of devices by analyzing data of devices without a GPS module. It tracks the asset location
    with a low cost device and allows efficient battery usage.
    Analyzes the location of multiple gateways (GPS mounts) communicated with the device (no GPS) on the Dreamline network platform to determine the location of the device.
    Open network - Provides Dream IoT networks like LoRaWAN standard protocol
    Dreamline provides various IoT networks with LoRaWAN standard protocol.
    LPWA Module - Dreamline network - Dreamline network platform - Service platform
    HSM customer-optimized encryption - Provides customer-optimized security solution HSM
    (Hardware Security Module)
    Dreamline supplies private and public networks, provides customer-optimized security solutions for reinforcement of data security.
    HSM solution allows B2B and B2G customers who pursue private environments to directly manage data encryption and safely
    protects the data.
  • Smart metering
    (AMI) service
  • Remote meter check service without visits
    Smart metering service is a remote monitoring service by installing an IoT module in an electric meter.
    Customers can monitor the measured data in real time.
    This enables efficient and systematic energy resource management through usage data during specific times.
  • Geolocation service
  • Human and Asset location tracking service with a small IoT device.
    Geolocation service provides the exact location of the device.
    Customers can react rapidly to emergency situations such as theft or accident and inform law enforcement and families.
  • IBS service
  • IBS(Intelligent Building System) enables smart building management.
    IBS service is a service that provides facilities control, lighting control, parking control and visitor management.
    It is a convenient and safe services that reduces operating costs.
  • Environment
    monitoring service
  • Atmospheric environment monitoring service to maintain the desired interior space environment.
    Environment monitoring service monitors air quality, temperature, humidity and dust levels in houses, buildings,
    and factories in real time. Customers can maintain the desired comfort environment and protect family health by controlling
    the atmospheric environmental pollution in real time.