Mobile service

Dreamline provides cost-effective and stable service to individuals
and organizations who often use mobile voice and DATA.

  • What is Mobile service?
  • MVNO(Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is a business that leases mobile carrier(KT) network and provides
    USIM cards to individuals or groups with reasonable and affordable communication fee rates.
    (Mobile device can be purchased separately)
  • What is the advantage
    of using Mobile service?
  • Maximized the reasonable choices of subscription (
    without contract.
    Advantages of Mobile Services
    Smart service without contract and self sufficient mobile Reduction of 30% on average communication charges
    • NO expensive contract discount
      (5.8% monthly high installment payment)
    • YES fully self sufficient mobile service without
      distribution bubbles
    • Average 30% cheaper than other telecommunication carriers
    A smart choice for customers having high internet usage Credible company, reliable quality
    • Appropriate for customers having high usage
      of games and videos
    • Recommend for self-employed (delivery, order, etc.)
      customers who need a lot of calls and data
    • Dreamline directly serve the service with 20yrs of
      experience in telecommunication industry
    • Using KT communication networks
    • Enable to use KT 4G, 5G networks and free KT WIFI
  • Below is the service
    that Dreamline provides
  • Service type
    Service type Content
    Personal service
    Provide pre-paid
    service for
    • It is a plan that you deposit the amount of minutes you want to use and the
      used amount is deducted.
    • You can select an efficient plan according to your call and data usage :
      from a base fee of 0 won ~ 49,940won. DREAM P49 plan is a special plan only
      from Dreamline Mobile that is pre-paid and provides basic voice, data, and SMS.
    Provide billed
    service for
    • It is a plan where the charges are billed to the customer the following month.
    • You can select an efficient plan according to your call and data usage. An optimal
      plan will be provided.
    Provide service
    for organizations
    B2B service for personal and organization (School, academy, hospital, factory,
    distribution, delivery, security, etc.) customers who use mobile internet Data.
    product services
    Dreamline Mobile and diverse cooperative companies provide additional services.
    (Data discount, Cooperation discount, Cooperation product provision, etc.)