VoIP service

Dreamline provides various high quality VoIP services
with its stable exchange, network system

  • Half the rate!
    Maintain the existing
  • It is a service that can upgrade the communication
    environment by using all the functions of a desk phone and
    various additional services as well as the incoming / outgoing internet phone service by using only
    the Internet phone without going through a switchboard.
  • VoIP service with
    lots of advantages!
  • Usability

    It is easy to move and add on to
    existing numbers
    It is stable because it can maintain the
    existing number used by other
    telecommunication companies.

    Multiple functions

    It provides various functions such as
    extension calls, call forwarding, call return,
    call pick up, call waiting, ring back tone,
    caller ID display.

    Reduce communication charges

    Domestic / overseas / mobile phone calls are
    less expensive, and free calls between the
    headquarters and branches are available.
    Maintenance costs are also reduced.
    It is cheaper to call (about 30%) than on
    landline phones, and various supplementary
    services between headquarters and
    branches are available.


    Intelligent services such as ARS service,
    recording service, and conference call
    service are available.
    Customer Service meeting room Package
    (Dream Contact Service)

  • Service
    composition map
  • How could I use the
    same number?
    • Maintain the existing number~! Maintain the existing phone~!

      It is possible to maintain your existing phone number, so there is no inconvenience of changing, and
      customers can use their existing phone even with the VoIP modem.

    • Can use anywhere, anytime~!

      VoIP number porting is possible with existing numbers and can be used
      in any area where the Internet is available.

  • Charges
  • Base charge rates
    Classification Base charge rates Supplementary charge
    Base charge Local calls Long distance
    Mobile calls International
    caller’s ID
    Dreamline 2,000 won
    / mo.
    / 3min
    / 3min
    / 10sec.
    50 selected
    / 1 mo.