Communication tower business service

We provide the most economical and efficient eco-friendly infrastructure
with abundant service experience and expertise.

  • What is communication
    tower business?
    • Communication tower that can be jointly used : This is an essential infrastructure for wireless service
      that telecommunication companies lease from Dreamline.
    • Communication towers blend into the surroundings well : We install various models that fit well with
      their surroundings; like roads, parks, mountain areas and residential regions.
  • What is the advantages
    of Communication
    tower business service?
  • Advantages of Communication tower
    Prevent duplication and provide the most efficient service Essential infrastructure for wireless communication installation
    It is a service that enables wireless carriers to provide the best
    quality service while minimizing investment cost by preventing
    overlapping investment due to competition by each wireless
    communication service provider.
    To provide mobile communication service, communication
    towers are an essential infrastructure. They provide all the
    land, electrical facilities, and steel pipe for antenna installation.
    Best service considering the environment as a priority Optimizing wireless communication and safety at all facilities
    By constantly researching and developing models that fit
    the environment, we provide the best services that wireless
    operators can use efficiently and publicly.
    In hazardous and mountainous areas, CCTV and streetlights
    are installed to provide safety and fire monitoring facilities.
  • Examples of communi
    -cation tower business
  • Base communication tower
    Public base communication tower models provided in areas where roads, parks,
    national parks, green areas, and residential areas are concentrated.
    Roads, parks etc Residential areas
    Tunnel communication tower
    Antenna installation in a tunnel Equipment installation in a tunnel