National main number (1877)

It is a convenient service that integrates company’s contact numbers
that are used differently by region into a single main number.

  • What is national
    main number?
  • This is a service that allows customers to connect national business sites such as branch offices, branches
    and call centers with a single representative number from anywhere in the country without a region code.
    Even if you relocate your business sites, the number will not change, so you can continue to promote
    your company.
  • What are specialties?
  • Supplementary service without
    any extra charge

    With Dreamline national main number,
    you can use various supplementary
    services without any extra charge.

    After just one registration,
    everything is OK!

    When you apply for the ARS main number,
    you can use all the additional functions
    provided by Intelligent Network.

    Stable high quality service

    You can use the safe high-quality
    intelligent network service even if
    you port the existing number.

  • What are functions?
    • SMS / MMS
      reception function
      • It is the function that can receive the call to the main number and receive the text.
        (Telephone and text reception available at the same time)
      • Provide a web page that can check the received text or an interworking module
        to send to the client's server.
    • External linkage function
      • We provide tailor-made solutions for our customers by linking their
        DB and Dreamline ARS system.
    • ARS certification
      / recording function
      • We can provide high quality service by linking the service platform that our client
        has with the Dreamline’s ARS certification system.
        (It is also possible to support the construction of customer exclusive systems.)
    • ARS function
      • Customers can compose various guide menu without any specific ARS equipment.
      • Customers can write the scenario and edit it by themselves through web page.
    • Web fax Reception function
      • With one main number, customers can use ARS service and FAX at the same time.
      • Provide web page linking module which can check received faxes.
  • Service
    composition map
  • Charges
  • Customers who make calls will be charged for the call according to its type. The business sites receiving
    the call (service contractor) will be charged monthly base fee and other supplementary service charges
    for the nationwide main number incoming line.

    Call charge
    Classification Outgoing Service user Service contractor Remarks
    Basic Wired One in the country
    65won / 3min
    5,000won / month
    Per incoming line
    070 Dreamline 39won / 3min
    wireless Apply wireless carrier rates
    Number portability processing cost
    Classification Charge Remarks
    Number portability processing cost 2,000won / per line Only charged 1 time on registration
    ARS hosting service
    Classification Charge Remarks
    ARS supplementary service 5,000won / month per incoming line Provide basic scenario
    Provide TTS / basic music
    Provide voiceover for free
    Minimum incoming lines per class of number
    Classification Class 0 Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4 Class 5 Remarks
    Basic 150 50 10 5 3 2 Number of lines
    Standard of class of number
    Classification Type of number
    0 X000, XXXX, 1877, 0XXX, 1XXX, 0X0X
    1 XX00, XY00, X0X0, X00X
    2 XYYY, XYXY, XXX0, X0Y0, X00Y
    3 XYYY, XXXY, XYYX, XXYX, XXY0, 1112, 1113, 1114, 1119
    4 XYY0, XYX0, X0YY, XY0Y, X0XY, XX0Y, X11Y, XY11
    5 Other than above