Total messaging service (SMS, LMS, MMS)

Various kinds of mass messages can be sent
and conveniently managed on one platform

  • What is total
    messaging service?
    • It is a service that can send various kinds of mass messages by connecting Dreamline’s total
      messaging service and a company’s system.
    • Various types of messages including SMS, MMS, Kakaotalk, mobile survery, mobile coupon,
      webfax, and large sized emails can be easily and conveniently managed on one platform.
    • Total messaging service is available through Dreamline’s website.
  • Dreamline UMS service
    is the best way to deal
    with various kinds of
    mass messages
  • We provide as stable and high quality service as the best and highest standard messaging service
    system in Korea.

    Dreamline UMS service
    Ensure stability, survivability and scalability Enhanced security for leased lines Real Time maintenance system
    Provide a stable
    and high-quality infrastructure
    Provide outstanding service Provide a customer-oriented
    real-time service center
    We provide non-stop SMS service that ensures stability, survivability and scalability.
  • What kinds of messages
    can be sent by total
    messaging service?
  • SMS / LMS / MMS

    SMS(Short Message Service) :

    A short message that can be written up to 40 characters (90 bytes).

    LMS(Long Message Service) :

    It is a long message that can be written up to 1000 characters (2000byte).

    MMS(Multimedia Service) :

    A message to send a long message of 2080byte or less including
    image / audio / video file together.

    Kakaotalk An enterprise messaging service that allows you to send informative messages through
    KakaoTalk. It is a service that sends a customer directly to KakaoTalk without adding a
    friend based on the cell phone number.
    080 fee blocking It is a service that enables customers to unsubscribe the advertising messages without charge.
    Webfax This service allows you to send faxes without a fax machine. You can send fax documents
    directly from your computer to Internet Fax without having to print them out one by one.
    M survey It is a mobile survey making and sending service that can send / reply survey
    contents to mobile.
    Mobile coupon Event prizes, and member promotional events in the form of mobile coupons
    available in stores.
    International SMS This message is sent to overseas customers who use overseas carriers.
    Large sized email It is a web-based service that makes it easy and easy to send mass mail.
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