International call service

We will increase the convenience of international calls
with easy calling and low cost.

  • What is Dreamline
    International call service?
  • Identification number : 00380, 00789 It is a service that makes it easy to make a call by dialing the
    identification number from the customer's mobile phone and calling the connected line number
    immediately without any advance registration procedure.
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  • Reduce communication charges

    Compared to regular international calls
    (3-digit identification number), main countries
    (US, China, Japan) are up to 70% cheaper.
    In addition to international call charges,
    there is no extra mobile phone charges.
    (No other additional charges except
    international call charges)


    After the call is ended, the call detail
    information (usage time, rate, cumulative
    charges) will be indicated by SMS
    (Example: Usage time # minute # second,
    This month total ## won)
    Billing charges will be billed by your
    telecommunication company without
    directly charged from the Dreamline.

  • Service
    composition map
  • Introducing operation
    • Step1 : 00380 or 00789 - Dreamline International call Identification(access) number. Step2 : 1 - Country number (Ex. USA). Step3 : 212 - Region number (Ex. New York). Step4 : 123 - 4567 - Connected line number.
  • Charges
  • Introducing charges
    Main countries 00380 00789
    USA (1won/sec) 60won/min (1won/sec) 60won/min
    Canada (1won/sec) 60won/min (1won/sec) 60won/min
    China (1won/sec) 60won/min (0.9won/sec) 54won/min
    Japan 199won/min 199won/min
    Vietnam 99won/min 95won/min
    Mongolia 82won/min 89won/min
    Uzbekistan (1.8won/sec) 108won/min 95won/min

    Please contact to the Terms and Customer Center (00380: 1899-0038, 00789: 1670-7745) for country rate information
    other than those listed above.