IBM Direct Link

Premium connectivity service between customer IT resources (On-Premise) and IBM Cloud service.

  • What is
    IBM Direct Link?
  • This is a service that connect the customer's IT infrastructure and IBM Cloud date center with a leased-line to reliably transfer the network.
  • Who needs
    IBM Direct Link?
    • Customer who is interested in using the IBM cloud platform.
    • Customer who require security and high capacity transmission.
  • What are the benefits
    of the Direct Link
  • IBM Direct Link Partner

    Establish a network or hybrid environment between the customer's location and data center(co-location) by Dreamline's leased line.

    24-year leased line field

    A professional security consultant proposes a security solution that is optimized for your information system to better protect your information assets.

    Top-Notch Stability

    It provides stable network service with a dedicated line composed of 100% optical cable that has high network performance and ensuring the no latency.

  • IBM Direct Link
    service configuration